About Me:

Name: Bobbi / Tehrinny
Pronouns: She / Her
Location: Ohio, USA
Occupation: Web developer / Graphic Design
Wearing J-fashion since: 2012
Favorite Colors: Lavender, mint, blue and pink
Favorite Brands: Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, Metamorphose, Innocent World
Favorite Themes: berries, stars, chocolate, marine

A little more:

I began wearing the fashion at age 30. I suppose that’s a bit older than most, especially these days. As of starting this blog, I’m now 40.

I’m married but do not have children. My spouse isn’t into fashion, but I’ve sent him to shop for me when I couldn’t get away from my old job. So he’ll buy the stuff for me, but he just doesn’t want to particpate or go out with me in it!

I tend to wear the fashion on a more social basis these days. Although I will wear it from time to time to go out by myself.

I go to a lot of anime conventions either as a staffer, vendor, or just for fun. Although most of the cons I attend for fun these days tend to be either local or have a J-fashion focus. I still cosplay a bit here and there, but J-fashion is my primary focus. I love cons because it provides a way to wear the fashion more outlandishly than I’d wear in public. It’s also a way to introduce it to others and meet other J-fashion enthusiasts from around the country.

I’m getting more into handmade items. I’ve been making jewelry for as long as I’ve been into the fashion. Although I mostly make things to sell, I will make items for myself! I’m also an artist, and I’d like to make some of my own print designs.

Beyond lolita, I also wear fairy-kei and decora. My daily wear has been turning more toward pastels. Being an 80’s and 90’s kid, I’m really into the vaporwave aethetic and I wear a lot of stuff with those themes too!

J-fashion has had such a huge influence on my life, maybe even moreso than cosplay did. Rather than hiding behind a character I liked, I could express aspects of my own self in many different ways. I love meeting new people, going to new places, and making new memories. I hope that I’ll be able to enjoy the fashion for many more decades to come!

About the Blog

I started this blog because I wanted to document my lolita experiences with others. I’ve been posting them on social media for a long time, but I’ve always felt that social media is a little too impersonal. I used to enjoy blogging on a daily basis in the 2000’s. I fell out of practice after I left Livejournal and didn’t feel motivated to update blogs on my personal websites.

Although Mint is one of my favorite colors, my actual favorite is lavender. I bought this domain some time ago thinking it was really cute. For awhile, I hosted some other content here, but it was a bit much to keep up with when I was busy with an old job. So it just sat there dormant. I figured I’d just reuse this for a blog!

When I began wearing the fashion, I did have a small blog that I’d update with my experiences and findings. Sadly, I became very self-concious as more people began to find it. I felt like as a beginner, I had no real authority to talk about things, so I deleted it. I moved over to Tumblr where I kept that active until around 2017 or so when my life got super busy. I figured I would start up again fresh in 2022!